Monday, October 26, 2009

P2P File Sharing: Can You Live With It?

Napster set themselves up for failure when they gave away copy righted music for free. When they got sued , for giving away music, it ruined theyre buisness and when they tried to start up again, they were beat by Apple's Itunes in music downloading software. At that time, free ilegal ones also were used rather then Napster.

Morally, downloading music is wrong, but people these days don't really care anymore, the artists are rich so they think they could be fine without the extra bucks from them buying their CD. Downloading music these days is very common within the average household. Artists reconize this and realize that they wont make as much money selling CD's as they did in the past.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

OS's and whatnot

The OS my computer is running at home is windows Vista. It is terrible and I hate it, it crashes a lot , makes me want to break things and its just garbage. I have another computer with windows XP which runs like a smooth stream in the valley. It makes life easier, though that computer is blue screened and I am not sure why .
The pros and cons of Vista are; it runs internet explorer, it works, barely. The cons are endless, like for example the secruity settings let you not do anything.
Windows XP on the other hand runs very well and I have no complaints with it

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